XMR price increases – ComplyFirst removes doubts about Monero

The XMR price is producing round numbers, as Coingecko says it has gained about 30% in the last 30 days alone. In total, the privacy coin brings it to a price increase of 175% in the soon-to-expire year 2020.

Now, one is close to the historical resistance of 150 US dollars. As soon as this is overcome, Monero could become a perennial favorite in 2021.

  • The XMR price has been bullish this year.
  • There were fears that exchanges might delist XMR.
  • But those regulatory concerns are being defused by an initiative.

Overall, Monero is putting in a stable performance in the market, which has not been dampened by many rumors. One of them is CipherTrace, which has patented an idea that it is not clear whether it is even capable of completely uncovering Monero transactions.

Similarly, there have been repeated fears that Monero could disappear from exchanges in a big way. After all, regulatory requirements want to be met, and a cryptocurrency that anonymizes its users runs counter to that.


ComplyFirstThat privacy and data protection nevertheless get along well with anti-money laundering laws is shown by the ComplyFirst initiative. This is also supported by Tari, which is closely linked to Monero as a protocol for digital assets.

In a paper, ComplyFirst offers service providers, exchanges and brokers a concrete guideline on how to classify Monero and how to meet the regulatory requirements in order to continue to accept Monero. The initiative is not focused on Monero alone, but offers advice and guidance on a whole range of privacy coins.

A key role is played by the fact that a view key is available for transactions and, in many cases anyway, service providers have to fully identify their customers. This allows them to indicate both who they are doing business with and where a transaction went from their exchange, for example.

Unlike Bitcoin, Monero’s blockchain is not transparent and knows a total of two private keys. One is the spend key and another is the view key. The latter can be passed on to reveal the details of a transaction. This can be used, for example, as proof that a transaction has actually taken place or, as in this case, to prevent money laundering.

Monero and Usenet

There are a few usent provider who accept Monero, here is the list. If you know more than these please feel free to contact us and we will add them to this list.

  • BlockNews.net
  • UseNetNow.net
  • TheCubeNet.com

For detailed information and more providers, please check these usenet reviews.

Monero Analysis

The bulls are predominantly in charge in Monero trading at the moment. Because currently at 09:16, a price of 121.96 euros is displayed for the cryptocurrency. This corresponds to a slight increase of 4.16 percent compared to the previous day’s closing price. Monero is thus one of the winners of the day in terms of cryptocurrency.

Trading volume is also low compared to the last 30 days, at 513.90 million euros. Just a reminder. We had the low on 20.01.2015 with 6,993 EUR retrospectively.

Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

The 200-day line is very far away for Monero at the moment: the cryptocurrency is 34.36 percent away from this level. Investors will be watching the next two trading days very closely. It could remain bullish for Monero or the bears could come back surprisingly.

Will the cryptocurrency’s downward trend continue? What would require the Monero price to stay below the GD200 line – in the weekly and even better in the monthly chart. Those who are quick-witted can profit in case of a continuation of the Monero 200-day line. At the moment, this price potential amounts to 53.73 percent.