Virtual Reality: Study Warns Of VR Pornography

The porn industry has always been a trailblazer for new technologies. A study by Newscastle University, however, sees VR as a great danger.

The VHS cassette and the DVD could celebrate their triumphal march at the respective time not least by the pornographic contents. Pornos have always been consumed frequently, in the age of the Internet and streaming, of course, much more. And pornography doesn’t stop at virtual reality either. What there is to know about VR porn, we have compiled in our ultimate VR Porn Guide for you.

More Reality Through VR

Newcastle University took VR as an opportunity to investigate the effect of VR pornography on humans. In an admittedly rather small study among 45 men and women, the effect of VR pornography was investigated. Such movies can be found on, for instance.

The team comes to the conclusion that the “extreme, degrading or even abusive images in pornography appear much more real”. Users are no longer just viewers, but now become participants through their virtual presence. According to the initiators of the study, the reputation of VR porn resembles much more real cheating due to the high degree of realism.

The Perfect Sex Experience

Furthermore, the authors of the study claim that VR pornography would offer most people the possibility of a seemingly perfect sexual experience. Many participants would have described the VR pornography they experienced “better than in reality”. VirtualRealPorn is one of the companies producing the most popular VR experiences on the market. Here is what they offer for the Samsung Gear VR Porn Headset.

Others would use it to cross borders, often associated with particularly explicit and violent images. Previous research has shown that people who expose themselves to such content may become addicted to it and desire ever more extreme experiences.

Is VR The Future Of Revenge Porn?

In addition, the Newcastle University team raises the question of what is triggered by the user’s mixing of fantasy and reality. What would happen, for example, if a VR user recreated his girlfriend as a 3D object and then did things with her in VR that she would reject in reality?

In addition, the researchers are spinning the bow to revenge porn on Instagram or Snapchat. Together with the possibility of developing realistic 3D models of other people and “using” them in VR, a new form of revenge porn could establish itself.