Fanless, Compact, Reliable: PrimeServer

Customers are increasingly demanding that their IT service providers include ecologically and economically responsible IT products in their portfolios. This not only applies to the shortest possible supply chains but also to sustainable means of production and longer product cycles. In addition, servers and co. should burden the environment and users as little as possible.

These and other demands are exactly what the Swiss IT company Prime Computer from St. Gallen has set itself. And what you read and hear, with lasting and convincing success.

Prime Computer’s product portfolio comprises three areas: Desktop PCs, servers and hi-fi power amplifiers. All three share an innovative, fanless product design. In this blog post I will only go into the server section of Prime Computer in more detail.

Equipment And Performance Data: Fanless Server Concept

The PrimeServer contains an Intel Xeon processor with up to 12 cores, depending on the performance requirements of the planned applications. The highlight: Due to the well thought-out cooling concept of the PrimeServer, the Intel CPU does not have to be cooled with a processor fan, which leads to an enormous quietness in server operation. This means that the server can be operated almost anywhere, even outside server rooms.

The server design also contributes to this: Thanks to the aluminium construction and the integrated cooling fins, complete passive cooling is possible. This saves power and protects the nerves of the user, since you basically can’t hear a PrimeServer. In addition, the fanless approach increases operational reliability, as dust and other possible disturbing factors do not even get inside the server.

On the working memory side, a maximum of 128 gigabytes are provided; the PrimeServer provides space for up to three SSD or HDD components for storing the data, which can be operated redundantly via the built-in RAID controller. Speaking of redundancy: Two power supplies connected in parallel ensure relatively high reliability. The five Ethernet connections are also practical, leaving numerous options open when it comes to network cabling.

Due to its low weight (5 kilograms) and its small dimensions, two PrimeServers fit side by side in a standard 19-inch server cabinet. This means that the computer can also be used in professional server environments.

Field Of Application: From Standard Servers To Virtualized IT Environments

Due to its performance data and compact design, numerous applications are conceivable and possible with the PrimeServer. This ranges from the first server of smaller companies to the use as transaction server of business-critical applications to backup and software development purposes. The classic fields of application such as e-mail or backup servers are also possible. In addition, PrimeServer can be used in virtually organized IT environments in which desktops and notebooks have central access to all applications and data.