BTC Sports betting

BTC has become a great investment and it still continues to grow. There are countless ways how you can profit from it, bitcoin day trading, selling BTC services or sports betting for example. In this article we are going to talk about the last option.

Cloudbet is a bitcoin betting provider that has made a splash in recent years. We took a thorough look at the exciting bookmaker for our latest experience report and conducted a comprehensive practical test.

Bitcoin has become a huge topic in recent years. This means of payment has also become a hit in soccer betting. There are various Bitcoin providers, but according to many experts, Cloudbet is currently the best address for Bitcoin betting. We put a lot of effort into gathering our own experience with this provider. Cloudbet has some notable strengths, but we also have a few criticisms in our experience report. It’s worth reading the article to the end at your leisure, as we’ve included many important tips.

With so many options it is hard to find the right sportsbook, but Cloudbet is a very good choice. Find out more in our review here.

Above average selection

btcAt Cloudbet it is possible to bet on the complete professional soccer, international matches and many amateur matches. There are only a few small gaps in the overall impressive soccer betting portfolio. Sports betting and eSports are huge in Latin America, you can bet on many events at Cloudbet.

Cloudbet unfortunately does not have a German website at the moment. But even for German sports betting fans without extensive knowledge of English, it should not be a problem to find the current soccer bets in the sports betting offer under “Soccer”. During the test, we were particularly interested in the soccer betting in Germany. The good news is that bets from the Oberliga to the Bundesliga are offered at Cloudbet. But we found one or two gaps when it comes to amateur soccer. Not every Oberliga is available and we didn’t always find every game in the Regionalliga either. But overall, the offer in the area of German soccer is good and even above average compared to the competition.

International soccer is almost seamless in the upper leagues. Not only in Europe are numerous games included. Soccer in Australia, China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries of the world can also be found at Cloudbet. The selection of soccer bets satisfies even a demanding sports betting fan according to our experience. For normal soccer fans who want to bet on a few games every now and then, the selection is far too extensive. But we don’t see that as a disadvantage at all.

The selection of betting options is solid average in the betting provider comparison. We did not find any bets where Cloudbet would offer significantly more betting variants than a completely normal betting provider without Bitcoin in Germany. This is not a disadvantage, but there are now some international bookmakers that go far beyond what Cloudbet currently offers in terms of betting options. Again, for a normal soccer fan, there are more than enough exciting options.

Live betting – nice selection clearly presented

Live bettingCloudbet’s live center is successful overall. Especially soccer and tennis take place regularly, but many other sports are also taken into account. Since numerous matches are taken into account worldwide, it is almost always possible to find live soccer bets.

The clarity in the live center of Cloudbet it is very good. The individual betting options are placed in groups, so the visitor is not immediately beaten to death when clicking on a game. It may take a bit until you recognize all the details, but according to our experience, the structure in the live betting offer is very customer-friendly. One small detail is not quite optimal: In the overview of the live bets, it is not displayed how many options are offered for the individual bets. Cloudbet should improve on this point.

The selection of live betting options is decent. Cloudbet cannot offer the quite spectacular numbers in this category. But even for rather moderately interesting soccer matches, it is common to see over 50 different betting options in the live center. More is always possible, but for a normal soccer fan it should be no problem to place exciting live bets at Cloudbet on a regular basis.

Experience and rating

It is completely natural that we look particularly hard at a bitcoin bookmaker. This is even more true since Cloudbet uses a license from Montenegro, which we otherwise tend not to find among betting providers Europe. However, according to our research, this has mainly to do with the fact that classic licensors like Malta, Gibraltar and Schleswig-Holstein are not yet prepared to license bitcoin betting providers. Perhaps this will change in the future. At any rate, Cloudbet currently operates under a Montenegro license.

Anonymous betting is possible at Cloudbet. There is no need to open an account and by using Bitcoin as a payment method, it is possible to make deposits and withdrawals anonymously. This is one of the main reasons why Cloudbet is an interesting bookmaker for many soccer fans. We have made various deposits and withdrawals and also otherwise put Cloudbet through its paces. Our clear finding: Despite the Bitcoin peculiarities, Cloudbet is just as reputable as a conventional betting provider with an EU license.

Odds – Many lucrative soccer bets available

OddsAt Cloudbet, the level of betting odds is not only high in the soccer sector. However, there are especially many opportunities to make attractive soccer bets.

Bitcoin works with an average odds key of about 94 percent. This is a top value that enables the betting provider to offer many bets with above-average odds. This is especially evident in the soccer sector, because since the turnover for many soccer matches is high, it is accordingly possible to work with a small profit margin. Odds keys of 96, 97 or 98 percent are not uncommon for the top games. This results in many interesting opportunities to profit from lucrative bets.

A simple odds comparison is helpful to find out how attractive the odds are on Cloudbet’s soccer bets. While there are many strong odds, not every odds is outstanding especially in amateur soccer. However, when it comes to the top matches, it is hardly necessary to compare odds, because according to our impression, first-class betting odds are consistently offered especially on these top events. This makes Cloudbet an interesting betting provider for finals, top matches in the European top leagues and major tournaments, among other things.

Betting limits – nothing to do with limitations

Cloudbet knows no limits. At least, this applies to the limits on deposits and withdrawals and the winnings limit. For high rollers, Cloudbet is a first-class choice.

Most bookmakers limit their risk by limiting the deposit amount, the payout amount or the winnings. Cloudbet does away with betting limits completely, allowing customers to place very high stakes and make very high winnings. However, this is only possible if an appropriate amount of capital is available. For ordinary soccer fans, the key insight is that there is no low payout limit and no low win limit either, so it is also possible to place combination bets with high betting odds without any problems, for example. At various bookmakers, such bets can easily break through an existing low betting limit. With Cloudbet, such a thing cannot happen.


Cloudbet is an outstanding bitcoin betting provider with an outstanding new customer bonus and a top-notch tax benefit for customers from Germany.

At Cloudbet, the overall quality is on a very high level. This is particularly evident in the impressive 100 percent new customer bonus up to 5 BTC. The special business model allows anonymous sports betting with Bitcoin. According to our findings, Cloudbet is a reputable and reliable betting provider. We had good experiences with deposits and withdrawals during our field test. The license from Montenegro is unusual, but crucially, Cloudbet behaves fairly towards customers.

The waiver of the deduction of betting tax is another attractive advantage for customers from Germany. The soccer betting portfolio has a high quality, but the one or other small gap may gladly still be closed. Overall, Cloudbet is one of the absolute top betting providers when it comes to anonymous bitcoin betting. Based on our current experience with Cloudbet, we can fully recommend opening an account to all soccer betting fans looking for a bitcoin bookmaker.