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Brave plans decentralized VPN

Brave has so far made a name for itself as a very good alternative to Google Chrome & Co. The (free) browser supports the privacy of its users by eliminating… Read more »

Bitcoin high makes speculators dream

Bitcoin breaks the $20,000 mark for the first time – and the scarce currency is expected to keep rising.Time to find the best bitcoin exchange to buy! Crypto experts are… Read more »

Bitcoin Paper Wallets Test & Experience

It may be hard to believe in the highly technical world of blockchain, but Bitcoin Paper Wallets experiences cut across the crypto scene. What actually sets them apart from other… Read more »

Paper Wallet – Create, Secure, Store.

The paper wallet, or physical wallet, is considered one of the most secure ways to store Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. If properly constructed and certain precautions are followed, it is… Read more »

Facts about Bitcoin wallets at a glance

Of course, every owner of Bitcoins has to think about where to store them and how to keep track of them. This is where Bitcoin wallets come into play. This… Read more »

What is Cold Storage?

In the IT environment, cold storage refers to a type of storage for information that is required less frequently. The access times to the data are longer than with conventional… Read more »

Are paper wallets secure?

A Bitcoin wallet consists of two so-called keys. The public key is the wallet address, by means of which other people can send Bitcoins to the corresponding wallet. The private… Read more »

Ripple, Ethereum and Iota – Altcoins in bull mode

In the third week of January, the three Altcoins Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Iota (MIOTA) continue to impress. The aforementioned relief rally continues and could turn into an Altcoin… Read more »